Adjustable-pitch propeller

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Adjustable-pitch Propeller

An adjustable-pitch propeller is a type of aircraft propeller, which consists of blades that can be modified in pitch to alter the aircraft speed and performance. The pitch can be adjusted while the engine is not in operation, which is typically done on the ground before takeoff. However, it cannot be adjusted in-flight. This particular type of propeller is commonly referred to as a ground adjustable propeller.

In some cases, the term adjustable-pitch propeller is also used to describe constant-speed propellers that can be adjusted during flight to maintain constant engine rpm. These are significantly different from ground adjustable propellers because they are designed with an incorporated governor system that regulates the pitch automatically to remain at a constant speed.

Overall, the adjustable-pitch propeller plays a crucial role in aircraft performance, providing versatility and adaptability to a range of different flying conditions.

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