Amenity package

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Amenities Package Definition

An Amenities Package is a bundle of special features and services provided to clients during a tour or a cruise. These amenities are usually offered as an incentive to book through a particular travel agency or organization. The package enhances the client’s travel experience by providing complimentary services, such as shore excursions, bar or boutique credit, and wine at dinner.

The Amenities Package is designed to make the client’s trip more appealing and add value to their booking. It is an attractive feature that sets apart one travel agency or organization from another. The provision of these services helps to establish a positive relationship between the travel provider and the client, which can lead to client loyalty in the future.

The Amenities Package varies from one travel agency to another. Therefore, clients need to check with their travel provider before booking to see what is included in the package. Some packages come with a few basic services, while others provide an extensive range of amenities that can range from spa treatments to private tours.

In summary, the Amenities Package is a valuable tool that travel providers use to entice clients to book through them and to enhance their travel experience. It provides a value-added service to clients that can help to establish a loyal customer base for the travel provider.

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