Angle of attack

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Angle of Attack

The angle of attack is the acute angle formed between the chord line of an airfoil and the direction of the relative wind that strikes it. In other words, it is the angle at which the airflow meets and interacts with the airfoil. The angle of attack plays a critical role in determining the lift and drag of the airfoil, as well as its overall aerodynamic performance.

During flight, a pilot can modify the angle of attack by changing the direction of the aircraft. This affects the amount of lift being produced by the airfoil, which in turn affects the aircraft’s altitude and speed. Therefore, understanding and controlling the angle of attack is crucial for safe and efficient flight operations.

In summary, the angle of attack is a fundamental concept in aerodynamics that refers to the angle of the airfoil relative to the oncoming air flow. It is an important factor to consider when designing, testing, and operating aircraft to ensure optimal flight performance and safety.

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