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Definition of Apron

An Apron is a designated and paved area at an airport where airplanes are parked, fueled, loaded, and unloaded. It serves as a ground space for airplanes before and after their flight. Typically, airport staff directs airplanes towards the Apron area, and after the arrival, an airplane is moved to the particular place to receive all the necessary services.

Apron areas are usually located near the terminal gates and are therefore surrounded by taxiways, runways, and other essential airport infrastructure. This space is large enough to accommodate several airplanes simultaneously, allowing seamless operation for the airlines. To ensure optimal usage of the space, airport operators have to guarantee the safety of the movement and placement of the airplanes to prevent the collision of the airplanes and avoid delays.

Moreover, this area is used for aircraft maintenance activities such as washing and repair, after which airplanes are put on standby before their next flight. Airplanes also park on the Apron to be fueled, and loading of passengers and cargo are done before departure.

To sum up, the Apron area is an essential part of the airport infrastructure and plays a crucial role in the efficient movement and operation of airplanes, enhancing the safety, comfort, and convenience of traveling.

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