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ATCRBS (Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System)

ATCRBS stands for Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System and is a secondary surveillance radar system used by air traffic controllers to track aircrafts’ positions and provide identification information. This information is relayed back to the controllers to assist with flight navigation and safety.

The ATCRBS system consists of two main components: the radar and the transponder. The radar sends out a signal to the aircraft and the transponder installed in the aircraft responds with a unique identification code and altitude information. The radar then detects and displays this information for controllers to use.

ATCRBS is also used to provide traffic collision avoidance system (TCAS) alerts to pilots. This system works by analyzing an aircraft’s altitude and comparing it to other aircraft in the vicinity, alerting pilots if a potential conflict is detected.

In summary, the ATCRBS system is a crucial component of air traffic control, providing real-time aircraft position and identification data to ensure safe and efficient flights.

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