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Base – Definition

A “base” for a flight crew refers to the airport from which their assigned flights originate and terminate. This location serves as a central hub for the crew’s operations, and it is where they typically report for duty and receive instructions for their assignments.

Flight crew members often spend a significant amount of time at their base, as they may be required to stay there for extended periods between flights. This allows them to rest and recharge before their next assignment and provides a reliable home base for their work.

The base is also an essential component of an airline’s operations, as it provides a central location for crew scheduling, planning, and dispatching. It allows for efficient coordination of flights, crew assignments, and equipment maintenance, which are all essential to ensure safe and smooth operations.

In summary, a base is a critical location for flight crew members and airlines, serving as a home hub for crew operations and a central hub for scheduling and coordinating flights.

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