Blocked space

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What is a Blocked Space?

A blocked space refers to seats, rooms, or cabins that are reserved for sale to third-party companies at discounted group rates. These blocked spaces are usually held speculatively and made available to interested parties at a lower cost.

Blocked spaces are commonly found in the airline, hotel, and cruise industries where they are used to incentivize group bookings. Airlines may set aside a number of seats on a given flight for group bookings, while hotels may reserve rooms for conferences or events. Cruise lines may also reserve cabins for large groups, such as family reunions or corporate retreats.

The advantage of booking a blocked space is that it often comes with a discounted rate, making it an attractive option for groups looking to save money. The disadvantage, however, is that the availability of these spaces can vary and they may need to be booked well in advance to secure them.

In conclusion, blocked spaces provide a way for third-party companies to access discounted rates when booking seats, rooms, or cabins in the travel industry.

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