Boarding pass

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Boarding Pass Definition

A boarding pass is an official document that an airline provides to a passenger after they have checked in for their flight. It serves as authorization to board the airplane and includes information such as the passenger’s name, flight number, departure and destination airports, gate number, and seat assignment.

Boarding passes can be provided in paper or electronic form, depending on the airline’s policies and the passenger’s choice. In recent years, the use of mobile boarding passes has become increasingly popular, allowing passengers to access their boarding pass on their smartphone and avoid printing a paper copy.

It is important to note that a boarding pass is not the same as a ticket, which is the proof of payment for air travel. A ticket is required to be purchased and paid for before the boarding pass can be issued. The boarding pass is simply a document that allows the passenger to board the plane.

Finally, a bonded boarding pass is one that is protected or guaranteed by a bond, which provides financial protection for passengers’ funds in case of airline bankruptcy or other issues. This gives passengers peace of mind and assurance that their travel plans will not be disrupted by unforeseen circumstances.

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