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Definition of Cargo

Cargo refers to any goods, products, or other items that are transported by an airplane. It can include everything from raw materials and finished products to luggage and personal belongings. Cargo is an essential component of the aviation industry as it enables businesses to transport their goods and services quickly and efficiently across the globe.

The transportation of cargo by airplane involves a complex process that involves several steps such as packaging, labeling, and tracking. Cargo must be properly packaged and labeled to ensure safe and efficient transport. Additionally, cargo is often tracked using sophisticated technology to ensure that it is delivered to the correct destination on time.

Cargo planes are designed to accommodate different types of cargo, including oversized and heavy items. These planes often have specialized cargo compartments and loading systems to facilitate the transportation of different types of goods.

Overall, cargo plays a critical role in transportation and commerce, enabling businesses to move large quantities of goods around the world quickly and efficiently.

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