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Explore Unique Easter Traditions Worldwide with Us


As spring blossoms, Easter traditions around the world come alive with vibrant customs and celebrations. Whether you’re a travel enthusiast or an avian aficionado, exploring these unique traditions can be an enriching experience. From the flying kites in Bermuda to the explosive Scoppio del Carro in Florence, Italy, Easter is not just about egg hunts and chocolate bunnies.

Easter Food Traditions Around the World

Easter celebrations are often accompanied by an array of delicious culinary traditions. In Australia, for instance, the Easter Bilby replaces the bunny, turning an environmental concern into a positive force by saving the bilby population. Meanwhile, in France, the town of Haux takes Easter omelets to a new level by cooking a gigantic one with over 15,000 eggs to feed the community.

Quirky Easter Customs Around the World

Eastern Europe offers some of the most curious customs. In countries like Hungary and the Czech Republic, Easter Monday brings about the playful tradition of whipping, which is believed to bring health and fertility. Over in Poland, ?migus-dyngus or Wet Monday makes for a splashy affair where everybody gets soaked, symbolizing purification and new beginnings.

Easter Around the World Traditions

If you’re a fan of true crime stories, you might want to spend Easter in Norway, where it’s customary to indulge in crime novels and detective thrillers over the holiday period. This unique Easter tradition, known as Påskekrim, has been a part of Norwegian culture since the 1920s.

Experience Easter Traditions Around the World

  • Flying Kites in Bermuda: A symbol of Christ’s resurrection, kite flying on Good Friday is a visual spectacle.
  • Water Fights in Poland and Greece: These playful water battles are not just fun but are seen as acts of cleansing.
  • Explosion of the Cart in Italy: The Scoppio del Carro in Florence is a pyrotechnic event that showers the city with beauty and tradition.
  • Witches in Finland: Children dress up as witches in a unique blend of Easter and Halloween-like traditions.

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Join the Global Easter Celebration

Exploring the world during Easter offers a unique opportunity to understand the cultural diversity and shared human experiences. It’s a chance to participate in local customs, savor traditional foods, and create unforgettable memories.

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