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Top 10 Must-Dos at Quebec Winter Carnival 2024


10 Things to Experience at the Quebec Winter Carnival

Winter in Quebec City is not just about the cold and snow; it’s also about the vibrant festivities of the Quebec Winter Carnival. As an expert travel blogger, I’m thrilled to share with you the 10 things to experience at the Quebec Winter Carnival, ensuring you capture the essence of this magical event.

1. Embrace the Snow Bath Tradition

Join the daring souls in their swimsuits, braving the freezing temperatures for a snow bath. It’s a tradition that’s both invigorating and exhilarating!

2. Marvel at Snow Sculptures

Stroll through the snow sculpture park and witness artists transforming blocks of snow into intricate works of art—a testament to creativity and endurance against the cold.

3. Canoe Race on the Frozen Saint-Lawrence River

Witness the tenacity of canoe teams as they navigate the icy waters in a spirited race that’s a highlight of the Quebec Winter Carnival activities.

4. Indulge in Hot Maple Taffy

Visit the Sugar Shack and taste the sweet delight of hot maple taffy on snow—an authentic Quebecois treat not to be missed.

5. Dance at the Ice Disco

Feel the rhythm and warm up by dancing the night away at a disco made entirely of ice. The vibrant music and unique setting make it an unforgettable night out.

6. Sip on Caribou

Savour the warm blend of wine, spirits, and maple syrup that is Caribou, the iconic beverage of the carnival, perfect for keeping the chill at bay.

7. Be Dazzled by the Night Parades

Experience the magic of the night parades, where colorful floats and performers light up the winter darkness, creating a spectacle for all ages.

8. Meet Bonhomme Carnaval

Don’t miss the chance to hug Bonhomme, the jolly snowman mascot of the carnival who embodies the joy and spirit of the festivities.

9. Explore the Ice Palace

Take in the grandeur of Bonhomme’s Ice Palace, a crystalline marvel that serves as the heart of the carnival and a must-visit attraction.

10. Stay at the Ice Hotel

Rounding out your carnival experience, spend a night at the Hotel de Glace, where you’ll sleep in a room carved out of ice—truly a bucket-list experience.

Whether you’re sliding down ice slides in Quebec City, enjoying the many carnival Quebec activities, or seeking out Quebec Winter Carnival tickets, this event is packed with unique experiences. For those wondering what to do in Quebec in February, the carnival is your answer, offering a wide array of activities at the Quebec Winter Carnival.

Plan your trip now and discover the enchanting winter wonderland. And if you’re looking for the best deals to get you to this incredible event, be sure to visit SKYSONAR for unbeatable options on flights and Quebec Winter Carnival 2023 packages. Don’t miss out on the winter celebration of a lifetime!

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