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“What is A-la-carte?”

A-la-carte refers to the type of food service where the customer can order individual dishes separately, as opposed to choosing from a predetermined set meal. The term can be applied to both restaurants and tours.

In a restaurant, A-la-carte allows the customer to customize their meal by selecting only the dishes that appeal to them, without having to pay for items they don’t want or need. This type of service is popular in high-end restaurants, where quality ingredients are used to create unique and sophisticated dishes.

A-la-carte can also be applied to tours, where customers can choose which attractions or activities they want to participate in, rather than being restricted to a fixed itinerary. This type of tour allows for more flexibility and a more tailored experience, as customers can select only the attractions that interest them, rather than being forced to visit places they have no interest in.

Overall, A-la-carte provides customers with more choice and flexibility, allowing them to create a customized experience that meets their individual needs and preferences.

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