After-departure charge

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Definition of “After-Departure Charge

After-Departure Charges refer to any expenses incurred by a hotel guest that are not reflected on their final bill upon checkout. These charges include any costs that are accrued after the guest has left the premises, including but not limited to: dining charges, phone calls, room service, and other miscellaneous services.

These charges can be the result of an oversight by the guest, such as forgetting to pay for a meal or making a long-distance call on the room phone. In other cases, these charges may be incurred due to unclear billing policies or a lack of communication between the hotel staff and the guest.

To avoid unexpected expenses, guests should always review their final bill thoroughly before leaving the hotel and inquire about any charges they do not understand. Likewise, hotels should strive to provide clear and concise billing information to their guests and make an effort to communicate any additional charges as soon as they occur. By doing so, both parties can ensure a fair and transparent exchange of services, without any surprises after the departure.

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