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ATIS: Automatic Terminal Information Service

ATIS is a system utilized by aviation control towers to provide pilots with up-to-date information on weather and runway conditions, as well as any other pertinent information for safe takeoff and landing. This automated system plays a critical role in ensuring the safety of air travel by providing pilots with essential information in a timely manner.

With ATIS, pilots can receive information on wind direction and speed, visibility, cloud cover, and current weather conditions. ATIS also provides information on current NOTAMs (Notices to Airmen), runway conditions, and any other relevant data that pilots need to know before taking off or landing.

The system generates updated recordings every hour or when conditions change significantly, making it possible for pilots to access the most recent and accurate information no matter the time of day.

ATIS is an essential component of modern air travel, providing pilots with the information they need to make informed decisions and prioritize the safety of their passengers and crew.

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