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Definition of “Block

Block refers to a pre-booked number of rooms, seats, or space that is reserved in advance by wholesalers, tour operators, or receptive operators who plan to sell them as components of tour packages. Blocks are important in the travel and tourism industry as they allow for better management of inventory and pricing.

Blocks are usually purchased at a discounted rate, allowing tour operators to create attractive packages for customers. They can also be used to secure availability for high-demand periods, such as holidays or peak travel season. By booking blocks in advance, tour operators can also gain an advantage over competitors who may struggle to secure available inventory during peak periods.

In addition to offering discounts and securing availability, blocks also provide a level of predictability for tour operators. They can better estimate the number of customers they will be able to accommodate, and plan accordingly in terms of staffing, transportation, and logistics.

Overall, blocks are a crucial aspect of the tour industry, providing a foundation for successful tour packages and ensuring that customers can access the services they need for a memorable travel experience.

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