Card mill

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Definition of “Card mill

A Card mill is a fraudulent business that specializes in producing fake travel agent ID cards. These ID cards are sold to buyers who are only interested in availing the benefits that come along with legitimate travel agent ID cards. These benefits can include tickets, exclusive access to travel deals, and other incentives.

Card mills usually function in a pyramid scheme where the individuals at the top of the pyramid recruit and sell cards to other unsuspecting individuals. These individuals, in turn, also recruit others to buy the cards, creating a downward flow of revenue towards the top of the pyramid.

The travel agent ID cards produced by Card mills are often counterfeit and can easily be detected by legitimate travel agencies and authorities. Engaging in activities related to Card mills is considered a criminal offense in many countries, and authorities regularly crack down on such fraudulent businesses.

In conclusion, Card mills are a fraudulent type of business that sell fake travel agent ID cards, often through a pyramid scheme. Their sole purpose is to swindle buyers into partaking in illegitimate agent benefits, risking criminal charges and other legal consequences.

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