100-hour inspection

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Understanding the “100-hour Inspection” for Aircraft

The “100-hour inspection” is a comprehensive inspection that is necessary for certain aircraft operated for hire, including aircraft under 12,500 pounds that carry passengers. This inspection is required every 100 hours of flight, and is similar in scope to an annual inspection, but can be performed by any certified Airframe and Powerplant mechanic.

During the 100-hour inspection, the aircraft is thoroughly checked for any signs of wear or damage. The inspection includes a review of the engine, propeller, airframe, and control surfaces, as well as a check of the flight instruments, fuel system, and electrical system. Additionally, the inspection includes a detailed visual examination of all components and systems.

The purpose of the 100-hour inspection is to ensure that the aircraft is in good condition and safe for passenger use. By regularly inspecting the aircraft, any issues or problems can be identified and resolved before they become more serious. If any defects are found during the inspection, they must be repaired before the aircraft can be flown for hire.

In conclusion, the 100-hour inspection is an essential part of aircraft maintenance and safety. It helps ensure that passengers can travel on aircraft that are in excellent condition, and that pilots can fly with confidence. It is essential for aircraft operators to be aware of this inspection requirement and to schedule it regularly to maintain safety and compliance.

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