Aircraft Acquisition

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Aircraft Acquisition: The Process of Procuring an Aircraft

Aircraft acquisition refers to the process of obtaining an aircraft through various means such as purchase, transfer, lease, rental, or loan. This process involves the procurement of a new or used aircraft that can be expected to incur operating costs exceeding $25,000 per year.

The acquisition of an aircraft is a significant investment for an individual, company, or government entity. Choosing the right type of aircraft and conducting a thorough due diligence process is crucial to ensure that the investment is financially viable and meets the operational requirements.

It’s worth noting that aircraft secured on a fully vendor operated basis are excluded from this definition. This means that the aircraft is operated and maintained by the vendor, relieving the owner of the associated operating costs, and is not considered an acquisition in the traditional sense.

In summary, aircraft acquisition is a complex process that involves various factors, including the type of aircraft, financing options, and ongoing operational costs. It’s essential to conduct a comprehensive analysis to ensure that the aircraft meets the intended purpose and provides a satisfactory return on investment.

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