Aircraft age

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Defining “Aircraft Age

Aircraft age refers to the length of time that has passed since an aircraft’s first flight. This age is often listed on platforms like Flightradar24 and is typically calculated from the date of the aircraft’s inaugural flight.

The actual age of a commercial airliner can vary significantly and depends on several factors, especially the number of pressurisation cycles it has undergone. Aircraft that are exposed to more frequent pressurisation experiences tend to have a higher “age” in terms of their potential lifespan.

For instance, a Boeing 747-400 is designed to last for up to 20 years, but this timeframe can shorten if the plane has been subjected to intensive flying activities with regular pressurisation cycles.

Understanding the age of an aircraft is critical for assessing its maintenance needs and overall safety. It allows airlines and operators to implement appropriate maintenance procedures and plan for replacement or retirement of the aircraft.

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