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ARSR: Air Route Surveillance Radar

ARSR is an acronym that stands for “Air Route Surveillance Radar.” It is a type of radar system that is used to track and monitor aircraft in the airspace surrounding airports, air traffic control centers, and other critical locations. The ARSR system is a key tool for air traffic controllers, who use the radar data to manage the flow of aircraft and ensure the safety of the airspace.

The ARSR system relies on advanced radar technology to track aircraft in real-time, providing continuous updates on their position, speed, altitude, and other key data points. This allows air traffic controllers to monitor the movement of aircraft and make adjustments as needed to prevent collisions or other safety hazards.

Overall, the ARSR system plays a critical role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of air travel. By providing accurate, real-time data on aircraft movement, it helps keep the skies safe for everyone who travels by air.

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