Automatic direction finder (ADF)

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Automatic Direction Finder (ADF)

An Automatic Direction Finder (ADF) is an electronic navigation system that operates in the low- and medium-frequency bands. This system is designed to work in conjunction with a ground-based nondirectional beacon (NDB). Using this instrument, a pilot can display the number of degrees clockwise from the nose of the aircraft to the station being received.

The ADF is an aircraft radio navigation system that has the ability to sense and indicate the direction to a ground transmitter. Typically used with Nondirectional Radio Beacons (NDBs), the ADF presents a reliable method for determining the direction of the aircraft in relation to a fixed position. This system is particularly beneficial when navigating in areas that are not covered by other radio navigation systems, such as mountainous regions or remote territories.

The ADF is an important tool for pilots to ensure accurate and safe navigation during flights. By providing real-time information regarding the direction of the aircraft, pilots can adjust their flight path as necessary to avoid obstacles and ensure a smooth and efficient flight.

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