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Definition of “Beam

The term “Beam” refers to the measurement of a ship’s maximum width at its broadest point, usually in the middle of the vessel. This measurement is crucial as it determines whether or not the ship can safely pass through narrow canals or waterways, such as the Panama Canal.

The beam is an important measurement as it affects the stability of the vessel, and the ability to navigate through tight spaces. In addition, the beam of a ship can also affect the amount of cargo that can be carried, as well as the ship’s overall design and performance.

Beam measurements can vary greatly depending on the type of ship. Larger vessels, such as cargo ships or cruise liners, will typically have wider beams compared to smaller boats or yachts. Additionally, the beam measurement can also vary depending on the location of the vessel’s maximum width.

Overall, the beam is a key measurement in the world of maritime transportation, and plays a critical role in determining a vessel’s ability to navigate through canals and waterways, and also in determining the ship’s overall stability and performance.

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