Best lift over drag ratio

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Definition of best lift over drag ratio

The best lift over drag ratio, often referred to as “L over D max,” is the highest value of the ratios of lift to drag for a particular airfoil. In other words, it represents the optimal balance between the lift generated by an airfoil and the drag it produces.

Achieving the best lift over drag ratio is crucial in aircraft design because it determines the efficiency of the aircraft. A higher lift over drag ratio means that the aircraft can fly farther and faster, with less fuel consumption, and with reduced environmental impact.

To obtain the best lift over drag ratio, designers have to find the airfoil shape that generates the most lift while producing the least drag. This involves considering many factors, including the speed, altitude, and weight of the aircraft, as well as the characteristics of the air flow around the airfoil.

In summary, the best lift over drag ratio is an essential parameter in aircraft design, representing the optimal balance between lift and drag that results in maximum efficiency and performance.

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