Baggage handler

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Definition of Baggage Handler

A Baggage Handler is a professional who works at an airport, responsible for efficiently transporting passengers’ luggage between planes and the terminal. Such a person plays a crucial role in the smooth functioning of the airport as it is essential that all the luggage is moved quickly and accurately to the correct destination, avoiding any inconvenience or delay to passengers.

Baggage Handlers work in teams to load and unload cargo, shift luggage from one location to another, and transport baggage carts to aircraft. They must ensure that the bags are handled with care, that fragile or valuable items are not damaged, and that the contents of each bag correspond to the attached label. Additionally, they must maintain a clean and organized workspace and follow safety procedures cautiously.

Baggage Handlers should be physically fit, able to lift heavy objects, and have excellent time-management skills. They should also have excellent communication skills, as they regularly interact with airport staff and passengers.

In conclusion, a Baggage Handler is an integral member of an airport team that ensures that passengers’ luggage is safely transported to their desired destination. They play a vital role in the efficient and timely operation of the airport, and their work enables passengers to enjoy their travel experience comfortably.

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